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Camp Lagoon

Camp Lagoon at Naukuchiatal

Camp Lagoon lies on the shady banks of the Ghati-Gar River among small shrubs and ancient Jamun trees and located at Naukuchiatal District-Nainital (UK). Camp Lagoon includes a fishing pond containing a variety of fishes, and a swimming pool with heart shape. Camp Lagoon accommodates 16 guests in two 8-bedded luxury bamboo chalets and huts, and rest we manage in tents. Each hut looks out over the water and has private en-suite facilities, including 24 hours running water. Double beds can be made up upon request. Three meals per day are offered. There is a small plunge pool for cooling off. The shady environment of the camp hosts a great variety of birds and squirrels that visit daily. A family of blue birds and Kumaoni birds T-T-2 are regularly sighted from the huts. A happy family of leopards will always wake you up in the morning, and you can see them from the windows.

Kayaking and Rowing Boats along the Naukuchiatal Lake provide excellent opportunities for birding. There is also special fishes can be seen like Silver Craft, Rahoo and Mahseer. Seasonal walks are also available. Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal and Nainital has many different varieties of fish. Mahseers (Tor tor and Tor putitora) are found here in large numbers. Labeo rohita, Cirrhinus mrigala, Schizothorax richardsonii and Catla catla are some of the other fish found in the lakes.
Camp Lagoon excellent staff is there to look after you quietly and efficiently, so as to ensure a relaxing, peaceful stay.
The camp is open year round.


Mountain Bike Park is one of the most enjoyable and memorable activity at camp Lagoon. Bikers can enjoy scenic loops through fields of wildflowers with views overlooking Lake Naukuchiatal and the Mountain peaks.

At Lagoon, the activities concentrate on open Ride on Hilly tracks, games, drives and boating. A special feature of Camp Lagoon is the Jungle Trekking, Fishing, Horse Riding and Paragliding. Camp Lagoon offers off road and night treks, offering guests to see the fascinating nocturnal wildlife in the area.

Fishing is also a specialty here and those who are keen will have an opportunity to catch the fishes. Fishing can be done from the front of your hut at Lagoon due to its situation. Lagoon subscribes to the catch and release policy, but exceptions can be made if you wish to eat your fish.



The Lagoon area has a large variety of wildlife but is most noted for its very large leopard populations. There is rarely a time where one cannot view at least some leopards and wild dogs around the Camp Lagoon. The major predators such as Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Wild Dog and Hyena are resident and regularly sighted. The reed and papyrus swamps are ideal for the numerous and diverse species of birds.

Seasonally, large herds of leopard drink daily from the bank of the Lagoon in full view of the guests. Playful spotted necked otters are commonly seen performing in the Lagoon right in front of the guest huts.

Facility at Camp Lagoon

  • Dinning cum Conference hall with a capacity of 60 people.
  • Lodging in Cottage, huts with attached western toilets/ baths with running water.
  • Aqua guard purified water. (RO)
  • Balanced, Buffet-style meals.
  • Camp Vehicle for small needs.
  • First Aid Kit and Doctor on call facility.
  • Round the clock Security.
  • Bon Fire with Cultural and Folk Shows.
  • Obstacles Course elements.
  • Access to acres of hiking trails.
  • Hot Water available through gas geysers on request.
  • First Aid Kid, Doctor on Call. (Nearest hospital is just 4 kms away)
  • Hammocks for relaxing.
  • Jungle for Strolls & Bird Watching.
  • Beautiful trails for Day Trekking Clear.
  • Camp game Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket etc.
  • Calm & Quite environs for Relaxation.
  • Solitude for Yoga & Meditation.
  • Pristine chill for Bonfire.
  • Tasty Marinates for Barbeque.
  • Experienced chef for Mouth watering Delicacies.
  • Music System on request.

Three Camps at Lagoon
Lagoon offers 3 different type of camping schedule for everyone.

Fun Camps Trekking Camps Adventure Camps

Minimum 3 Days - 4 Nights Camp
Charges INR 800 per child per day including meals

We organize special adventure Holidays and camps for those who love challenges and Mother Nature. These camps are a Trekking, Visiting Places, Yoga and Meditation, Finding own Path, Horse Riding, Fishing, Games, Cultural Activities and bon-fire.

Pythagoras Theorem, Newton's Law of Gravity, Battle of Panipat, Heavy school bags, loads of homework, examination fever and neck-to-neck competition. Oh God! Need a break?

School life is the best part of all our lives. We at Lagoon try to make it more fun and adventurous by providing activities tailor made for school students. These activities are designed to overall enhance the personalities of the students. Camps teach them the importance of co-existence, teamwork and how to build leadership qualities.

We at Lagoon organize camps to build and enhance the qualities required to achieve success. By play way method we try to incorporate amongst students the positive attitude towards their goals and how to achieve them. Adventure and team building activities such as Rock Climbing & Rappelling give them fair idea about how to execute a work and what is the importance of a team.

Activities such as Traversing and Tarzan Swing are kept to enhance the concentration level of students and to improve the level of dedication towards the given task.

We organize indoor games as well for their fun and enjoyment. Bonfire, Tambola, music & dance parties are organized as well at Lagoon.

When you think of camps, you think of fun activities. Lagoon offers you the chance to try new things that you may not get to do at home or anywhere else. We offer many activities unique to our expertise & location.


Day One

  • Morning Tea / Coffee at 6 o’ clock
  • A small 4 kms trekking to Bajani Jungle near the Lake Naukuchiatal Watch
  •  SUNRISE over the mountains.
  • Watch Birds and Enjoy the valley and Lake view form the hilltop.
  • Lunch at the Camp and then Indoor Games and open air lectures.
  • Sleep and Rest. 1.30 to 3.00pm
  • Fishing 3.30 to 5.00pm
  • Outdoor Games in the evening. 5.30 to 6.30
  • Dinner  and stay in camp huts.

Day Two

  • Morning Tea / Coffee at 6 o’ clock
  • See seven different lakes and watch variety of fishes kissing your hands.
  • Breakfast at Sat-Tal then move to Nainital.
  • Visit Zoo  or Nainital’s Famous Share-wood Collage.
  • Come back to Lagoon.
  • Dinner and stay in camp huts.

Day Three

  •  Morning Tea / Coffee at 6 o’ clock
  • In the Morning Yoga , Meditation and Training
  • Breakfast then Path Finding and Reaching the Destination.
  • Swimming
  • Lunch then Indoor Games
  • Horse Riding or rock Climbing
  • Special Seminar on Leadership and Teamwork in the Evening
  • Cultural Activities (Kumaoni Folk and Dance)
  • Bon Fire and Dinner and stay in camp huts.

Minimum 3 Days - 4 Nights Camp
Charges INR 1600 per person per day

The most natural way of exploring the wonders of Nainital is trekking. Trekking infuses a feeling of comradeship, self reliance besides inculcating a sense of perseverance. The vast expanse to the highest mountain chain sheer magnitude of its snowy heights and indefinable feeling of joy and elation that they evoke in the mind of a trekker, make a trek in the Kumaon an experience to be remembered.

Lagoon organizes treks in the different parts of western Himalaya, as per the requirement of the clients. Our treks are lead by professional guides and our expert team of kitchen staff. Porters and mules are used to cart supplies.
We are mentioning some of our treks here. We also organize the treks, to the lesser known and off the beaten paths. and design the tailor made itineraries for your specific requirements.

"The dense forests, lush green meadows, colorful flowers, the emerald blue lakes, the cliffs and deep narrow gorges, the musical streams and the picturesque waterfalls call me again and again to come back for more..."
"Those ups and downs can make me a bit tired but exploring the virgin Himalayas under the blue sky with magnificent views let me relax like nowhere else and the curiosity to know what lies beyond the next mountain range pulls me deeper and deeper into the lap of the mighty Himalayas."

Day One

KARKOTAKA- The Nag Temple
5 kms by trek

  • Morning Tea / Coffee at 6 o’ clock
  • Watch SUNRISE over the mountains.
  • At 4800 feet height extreme hilltop with an ancient Nag-temple. Amazing scene and entire valley view of
  • the lake city Nainital.
  • Lunch at the camp.
  • Fishing and Games in the evening.
  • Bon-fire, dinner and stay in Camp Huts.

Day Two

KAILASH PEAK – The Lord Shiva Temple
  • Morning Tea / Coffee at 4 o’ clock
  • 15 Kms drive and 5 Kms Trek (20 Kms)- Departure at 5.00
  • Its at 4900 feet height and the peak of entire Kumaon Region.
  • Darshan of Lord Shiva Temple and View of the all hills and valley.
  • Lunch then Jungle Trek
  • Watch sunset over the mountains.
  • Come back to Lagoon
  • Bon Fire, Drink, and Dinner and stay in camp huts

Day Three

  • Morning Tea / Coffee at 6 o’ clock
  • Boating in the Morning
  • Horse Riding
  • Breakfast
  • Visit To seven different Lakes and Nainital
  • Come back to Lagoon
  • Cultural Activities
  • Bonfire, Soft Drink and Dinner and stay in camp huts

Minimum 3 Days - 4 Nights Camp
Charges INR 2400 per person per day

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive fly8ing sport. A paraglide is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing.

Lagoon provides paragliding packages mainly in Naukuchiatal Valley (Uttaranchal).
In around Naukuchiatal the scope of Paragliding is unlimited. It is one of the best places for paragliding in India.
It is highly responsible for that desire to fly like a bird and explore the undefined boundaries of our origin. In Naukuchiatal, all of us are very lucky to slip into those wings and fly high like a bird, touch and clouds, and be as high as the mountains.
Pilots are well trained to give you the experience of flying HIGH AND ALONE in the beautiful skies of Naukuchiatal.

The perfect time / season to do paragliding in Naukuchiatal is March –June and October – December.
Paragliding is only subject to availability during clear sky & NOT when the climate is very windy and rainy.
Rock Climbing  tours are organized by Lagoon Adventure Camp. in Nainital. For the real rock climbing enthusiast Nainital proves the ultimate challenging destination for this adventure sport. This Himalayan region of Nainital not only provides excellent rock climbing venue but also has mighty mountains, shimmering lakes, scenic beauty and the gushing rivers for sight seeing.

River Rafting. The challenge of the hard turbulent rivers is no less than that of the rugged mountains. The icy heights of the Himalayas are the source of some of India’s mighty rivers. Fed by innumerable streams they race along tortuous boulder strewn beds, cutting deep gorges and breaking into silvery white rapids.

With the intricate network of mountain rivers flowing through a myriad of different colours of rocky gorges, forests, flowers and high mountain villages, the Kumaon hills provide ideal locales for the perfect water adventure.

The Sport of while water river rafting calls for a triumph over the swift swirling river as it gushes past spectacular mountains. It is practiced mainly in the upper reaches where the water is wild and white as it froths & foams, crashing against narrow gorges, rocky outcrops and falls at deep gradients.

Day One

KARKOTAKA- The Nag Temple
5 kms by trek

  • Watch SUNRISE over the mountains.
  • At 4800 feet height extreme hilltop with an ancient Nag-temple.
  • Amazing scene and entire valley view of the lake city Nainital.
  • Lunch at the camp.
  • Fishing and Games in the evening.
  • Bon-fire, dinner and stay in Camp Huts.

Day Two

  • Boating in the Morning
  • Horse Riding
  • Breakfast
  • Visit To seven different Lakes and Nainital
  • Come back to Lagoon
  • Cultural Activities
  • BonFire, Drink and Dinner and stay in camp huts

Day Three

  • Breakfast then
  • Paragliding Or Rock Climbing Or River Rafting
  • Lunch
  • Games
  • Night Trek.
  • Bon Fire, Music, dinner and stay in camp huts

& Night Treks with a guide. Flora & Fauna Identification with a guide. Bird Watching Trail with a guide. Air Gun Shooting with a guide. Indoor games like Carom, Chess, & many more. Outdoor games like Cricket, Volleyball & Badminton. Picnic lunches in the forest & meadows. Treasure Hunt & Village “Darshan.

Adventure Activity like Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Kayaking, River Rafting and Valley Crossing.
Food quality: Overall the food served stay at Lagoon Camp is of a very good standard.

A light early morning breakfast will be served before your first game drive and usually includes porridge and freshly baked cookies. Tea, coffee and juice are also served.
Vegetarian Lunch is served at 2 o'clock and again is served buffet-style. This is usually a hot meal. Vegetarian or Non- Vegetarian Dinner served at 10 o’ clock with salad and roast items.

Dining style: Group Meals
Dining locations: Indoor and Outdoor Dining
Room service: No room service - this is a safari camp in the bush!

Cost of meal e.g. Breakfast, lunch and Dinner: Included

Drinks included: Bottled water included, but soft drinks, local beers and spirits and wine not included. Champagne and imported wines and spirits will cost extra and may need to be requested in advance.

Bird watching: The camp abuts a deep waterway and you will spot a good variety of water-birds from the camp itself. In season (March-Oct, there is a colony of carmine bee-eaters which nests in the bank of the river, and there can be some interesting interaction with opportunistic monitor lizards which lurk here.

Photographic: The game vehicles used by Camp Lagoon are open-roofed as well as open-sided which makes them particularly suited to wildlife photography.

Attitude towards children: Generally children are welcome but please take into account the restrictions below.

Age restrictions: No children under 12 years of age are allowed at camp unless the whole camp has been booked out.

Equipment: No special equipment is available.

Generally recommended for children: Yes, but only really those who are 12 or over.

Notes: Lagoon is a very open camp with dangerous wildlife in the area.

For all intents and purposes you should consider yourself out of contact. Even there is paid phone and email.

TV & radio:
No television or radio in your room either - this is the bush!

Medical care:
All camp managers are first-aid trained and a comprehensive first-aid kit is kept at camp. In an emergency, camps can arrange for clients to be flown out.

Dangerous animals:
Medium Risk

Security measures:
Because of the Lagoon’s large population of dangerous animals, and the fact that Camp Lagoon is fenced, but children are escorted to their rooms after dark. Alarms, sirens or whistles are provided in the rooms in case of an emergency.

Fire safety:
There are extinguishers kept in the common areas of the camp in case of fire.

Disabled access:
On Request

Laundry facilities:
A laundry service is not included, but available on request.

No exchange facilities are offered.

Payment Accepted : Advance payment to be paid by Bank Transfer, and rest by CASH.

A mysterious lake with nine wondering corners seems water is dancing around. (1218 MTRS height from the sea level) Naukuchiatal is the heart of the lake city Nainital Just 22 kms away from Naini Lake. It’s Surrounded by dense forested hills and nourished by an underwater spring, which keeps its water levels high. It is the deepest lake in the Lake District of India (Nainital).  Pretty views of terraced fields and meadows make this lake destination an enjoyable stopover. Although the lake is the prime attraction here, there are more activities for tourists such as angling, trekking, bird-watching and Para gliding.
It is a paradise for anglers and swimmers, a haven both for indigenous and migratory birds as well as for moths, butterflies and beetles. The sightseer drinks long at the lake's enchanting beauty, the poet finds avenues of inspiration and the painter thrills at the tempting prospects of his canvas.

Naukuchiatal is a must-visit for those who love getting lost in the serenity of nature. The enchanting views of meadows and pastures that the lake provides to its visitors make it look more picturesque. This is a perfect place to get away from all the rush of the cities and rejuvenate your body as well as soul. An overview of Naukuchiatal gives an assumption of 'picture-perfect' beauty. The captivating surroundings and varied biodiversity that can be seen in the area within 10 km radius of Naukuchiatal gives it the perception of virtual heaven.

Naukuchiatal is the perfect location to observe and admire the variety of wildlife species the almighty has blessed earth with. It is the place where you can enjoy the charming compilations of colorful butterflies and the beautiful variety of Himalayan birds. Not simply because of its incomparable beauty, but also because of the uncommon adventurous opportunity it offers, the lake is a hit amongst tourists. Activities like angling, trekking, bird-watching, paragliding and parasailing attract a major chunk of Uttarakhand-visitors to this place.

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